Meet the Founder


My name is Albania, a mother, marketer, entrepreneur, and a multicultural and multinational woman. 

Although I was born in the Caribbean Island of Dominican Republic, I consider myself privileged to have lived, to have experienced, and to have visited an array of different countries around the world. I moved to New York City when I was 12 years old, at age 20 moved to Spain and at age 30 moved to Miami, where I have been living ever since. 

Working for different multinational companies has allowed me to travel and experience the culture of more than 40 countries, which has helped me obtain a greater perspective of the world we live in and the crucial need for everyone to take small steps to care for each other and the planet, which in turn will make a positive impact in the world.

At age 50, I finally made the move to take a healthier approach to life and decided to launch a brand that will leave a legacy of consciousness, empathy, community and love for our children, for our health, and for the planet.

I created this brand thinking of everyone around me; hence the name - Es Por Ti - which means It's For You!

I am grateful to everyone who supported me, motivated me, encouraged me to dream and share my passion!

My Motto: Start Doing Thing You Love – Live Your Dream and Share Your Passion!!

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