Light CO2® was the first article of knitwear to be produced with 6.6 biodegradable nylon, a Brazilian technology and pioneer in the world. This biodegradable nylon named AMNI Soul Eco® was researched and developed by Rhodia® company.

Light CO2® is an article from the CO2control® family, a production concept that seeks more environmentally friendly products. With a lightly textured look and elasticized structure, it is a mesh of extreme comfort, soft to the skin and comfortable for daily use.

The Light CO2® fabric has UV 80+ protection according to ARPANSA Standard AS/ NZS4399: 1996 protocol.  In this protocol the samples are dry-tested, not dyed and non-stretched.

To Continue providing UV Protection in elastic fabrics, we launched the brand Stretch +Wet®. This protocol is much more stringent and performs the tests on the stretched and wet (Stretch + Wet®) sample, resulting in UV protection factor 80.  Our supplier is the first company to test meshes in the 801 standards.

Light Co2® was the first mesh to be analyzed and approved through this protocol.


The Up CO2® is a double knitted construction with excellent coverage on its surface that minimizes transparency with a comfortable compressive effect that adjusts and shapes the body, yet is easy to care for and does not require ironing.

The Up CO2® has in its composition the biodegradable nylon Amni Soul Eco ®, an innovative and pioneer technology in the world. The Up CO2® article has UV 80+ protection against ultraviolet radiation.


The Fluity CO2® is a knitted fabric produced with elastane and microfiber biodegradable nylon, an innovative and pioneering technology in the world.

The Fluity CO2® is an article of CO2control® family, a production concept that aims to provide more environmentally friendly products. With smooth visual and gently elasticized structure, this article uses microfiber nylon whose filaments can be thinner than a human hair, adding to the product a touch of extreme softness, plus a flexible and nice fit to the body.

This softness provides smooth skin contact and exceptional comfort during use and great absorption of natural moisture from the body due to the nylon features.  The Fluity CO2® has 50+ UV protection against ultraviolet radiation.

  • All our fabrics are formulated with 6.6 biodegradable nylon, improved to allow garments to decompose rapidly after disposal in landfills. The decomposition that had taken decades to occur in nylon is now fully decomposed in less than 3 years.
  • Our products are free of toxic products to the human skin according to international Oeko-Tex 100 Class I certification.
  • We also make sustainable use of industrial water in the process of dyeing and printing, thus allowing the use of reuse water and avoiding the consumption of drinking water.