Sustainability is not a fashion trend. It is our responsibility with the planet & our next generation!

What is Sustainability? it is meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs as well!

Our planet is in crisis, choosing well is more than a matter of conscience, it is one of responsibility, urgency, and empathy. Especially, when each decision we make can affect the increase in global warming, the pollution of the oceans or the loss of tropical forests.


And when talking of sustainable solutions, the answer must be comprehensive; given that the fashion industry is the fourth largest polluter of air and water on earth. When following trends, we need to think not only that they are in line with your personal style but that this trend doesn't compromise future generations or our planet.  

Esporti chose to create an active wear brand that is made with Amni Soul Eco®, the world’s first biodegradable nylon, pioneer in the world and with international certifications for its environmental protection.

All our fabrics are formulated with 6.6 biodegradable nylon, improved to allow garments to decompose rapidly after disposal in landfills. The decomposition that had taken 50 years to occur in nylon is now fully decomposed in less than 3 years, which significantly helps reduce the waste in the landfills.

CERTIFICATES: Oeko-tex, ARPANSA Standard & Lycra EcoMade   


Our fabrics are composed of 90% Polyamide Nylon (degradable) and 10% Elastane which has 20% recycled material. This composition in the elastane fabric has just received the certificate of ecological fabrics- called Lycras EcoMade®

This certificate means that 20% of the elastane fabric used in the lycra comes from recycled material, making our lycra not only composed of biodegradable fabrics but also of a lycra with 20% recycled material.

We also make sustainable use of industrial water in the process of dyeing and printing, thus allowing the use of reused water to avoid the consumption of drinking water.

We are constantly concerned that our value chain is responsible and friendly to the environment.  Starting from the planning of our collections, selecting our suppliers and their factories, the labels of each garment and the packaging.